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FLR Crop Drying is a brand
of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

Advantages of Bulk Drying

What are the advantages of bulk drying using slower drying rates on a drive-on-floor than, say, over high temperature continuous flow drying?


  1. The capital cost of a bulk drying system is lower.
  2. Bulk-drying is suitable for a wider variety of crops such as beans, peas, herbage seeds, potatoes, onions, garlic, woodchip etc.
  3. Bulk-drying has a faster loading rate. 
  4. Bulk-drying has lower running costs – best use of latent heat.
  5. Bulk-drying has low maintenance costs.
  6. There are fewer moving parts to go wrong.
  7. Bulk-drying enables ease of loading. 
  8. The bulk-drying ventilation system provides both drying and ventilation for long-term conditioning.